2 Rancho Cucamonga schools test positive for lead

RANCHO CUCAMONGA >> Two campuses at Alta Loma School District have tested positive for lead in the water, according to a student advocacy watchdog.
Data from the State Water Resources Control Board shows that Carnelian Elementary School had at least one water tap sample test positive for lead at 17 parts per billion, which is above the state level requiring corrective measures, and another one at 9.8 parts per billion.
The threshold at which the state water board recommends schools restrict access to water is 15 parts per billion for lead, said Jason Pfeifle, public health advocate for California Public Interest Research Group, a student advocacy group.
As for the readings at Carnelian Elementary, none of the water quality violations was found in drinking water, said Rob Hills water treatment manager at Cucamonga Valley Water District said.
He also noted that the sample site had nothing to do with children’s drinking water.
“We were not required to do take action, but our goal is to get to zero,” he said.
“At CALpirg we think that level is too high, and based on the recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, there’s no safe level of lead in water,” Pfeifle said.
Reports provided by the state water board are current as of May 19.
The state water board does not contact the schools to document actions taken, Moran said.
“We do think school districts should go above and beyond for some of these results above 1 parts per billion and schools should be restricting access and removing lead from water,” Pfeifle said.

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