844m people still lack access to clean drinking water

The documentary, titled “The Power of Clean Water,” follows the lives of three women and their families, providing a first-hand perspective on the daily challenges of accessing clean drinking water.
Global awareness of the water crisis is growing, but in the US, many are still unaware of how many people struggle with the daily reality of not having access to clean water, something P&G sought to explore by commissioning a new survey to be released along with the documentary.
Survey findings show that most consumers are concerned about the safety of their drinking water, but do not know that approximately 1 in 10 people around the world lack access to clean drinking water.
Survey findings further highlighted that Americans are largely unaware of the progress that has been made to date to address the global water crisis.
Nearly 70 per cent of respondents believe that the crisis has stayed the same or gotten worse, with almost one in four saying that the problem has become much worse.
2.6 billion people have gained access to clean water in the last 25 years but there are still 844 million people yet to reach.
The P&G program, which started in 2004, works with more than 150 partners and organisations to provide water purification technology to communities that lack clean drinking water.
To learn more about the P&G CSDW Program, visit www.csdw.org.
To view all the video highlights of the documentary, visit this playlist.
The full documentary will be available at this site on March 22.

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