90% Of Drinking Bottled Water Could Contain Microplastics

But recently, the WHO has found that 90% of bottled water contains microplastics.
But even more alarming was the second study that found that there are also microplastics in as much as 90% of the bottled water consumed in the world.
On average, scientists found 325 plastic particles per liter.
So far the only response by the bottled water industry to this research has come from just two big brands who while they confirm that their bottled water contains microplastics they also claim that the amounts that the study conducted by Orb overstates the amounts.
Scientists at the State University of New York used infrared microscopes to analyze the particles found in the water, that were confirmed to indeed be plastic particles.
Hence, why the World Health Organization has now launched a review into this.
More Studies Into Microplastics in Bottled Water The Guardian article also mentions another study that was commissioned by Story of Stuff, a U.S. based campaign group.
In the case of that study, only 19 brands of bottled water were analyzed and all of them were from the United States.
According to the Story of Stuff study, bottles of Fiji Water contained 12 plastic microfibers for each liter of water.
Boxed Water, another popular brand, was revealed to contain about 58.6 plastic microfibers on average for each liter of water.

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