Risk of contaminated well water in flooded parts of Cherokee County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ala. — Troubles aren’t over yet for people living in Cherokee County.
Water levels are falling, but the damage is already done.
A new concern is on drinking well water.
The Alabama Department of Public Health is asking people who live around Weiss Lake to keep their own safety in mind.
"They’re just urging residents in the flooded areas, especially persons living around the lake where there has been a lot of flash flooding to make sure and test your water wells before consuming the water," Joey Weaver, Public Information Officer for the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency said.
The Cherokee County Health Department has kits to test well water.
"They’re asking that you just test your well water first before you consume it, give it to your pets, certainly, use it for cooking or anything like that," Weaver explained.
Until well water is tested, people should only drink bottled water or water that’s been boiled for one minute.
The Alabama Department of Health says people put themselves at risk for disease when eating or drinking anything contaminated by flood water.
Any open cuts or sores exposed to flood water should be cleaned well.

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