Canadians Concerned After Buying Bottled Water That Smells And Tastes Contaminated

Canadians across the country have filed complaints about possibly contaminated bottled water.
Canadians all across the country have been complaining for years of store-bought bottled water that tastes like “old socks” and smells of “urine”.
Other organizations have been found guilty of ignoring water safety standards altogether.
An operator who worked at Shield Natural Spring Water, located in the Toronto area, failed their safety inspection entirely, according to a report published by CBC.
The facility reportedly lacked necessities such as a handwashing station and a bathroom.
A Brampton company also found itself under investigation after at least five formal complaints filed by consumers in Manitoba led Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) investigators to the facility.
The company was accused of selling bottles of water that tasted like "old socks".
"We concluded that the unusual odour was from additional moisture on the bottles from rinsing prior to being packaged into cases.… Incidents such as this one are isolated," company spokesperson Shannon Denny stated about the situation, according to CBC.
A water company In Prince Edward Island was discovered to have high levels of bacteria in its water back in 2015.
Bottled water has long been criticized for both health and environmental reasons, and if incidents like these can fly under the radar, it may be time to switch to a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

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