Acute water shortage plagues Shimla

Acute water shortage plagues Shimla.
Himachal Several areas not getting supply| BJP says mismanagement behind crisis Bhanu P Lohumi Shimla, March 27 Acute water shortage has gripped Shimla, exposing the claims of the Shimla Municipal Corporation to ensure water supply on alternate days.
Local BJP workers led by MLA Suresh Bhardwaj today held a demonstration.
They beat empty vessels to draw the attention of the government and the SMC towards the water problem.
Bhardwaj said lack of coordination and mismanagement were responsible for the shortage of water.
He said it was a cause of concern that Shimla was facing water shortage in spite of adequate rain and snowfall in the catchment areas during the winter.
The MLA said the water supply was irregular, inadequate, erratic and immediate steps needed be taken to solve the problem.
Water shortage during the summer due to drying of natural sources and an increase in the tourist inflow was a normal feature, but this time the problem has become acute and the people are worried, especially in view of the Met Department forecast of harsh summer this year.
The water supply was hit due to interruption in the power supply from January 6 to 18 and residents of Bhattakufar, Gahan and Neridhar areas were affected.
They said the total requirement of water for the town was 42 MDL, but after the suspension of supply from the Ashwani Khud, the availability of water had reduced.

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