After a warm, dry February in Baltimore & D.C. areas, drought persists

After a warm, dry February in Baltimore & D.C. areas, drought persists.
In the first week of March, only about a half-inch of precipitation accumulated while slightly heavier rains only fell around the Cumberland region, which was already relatively wet.
A severe drought is impacting all or part of D.C., Montgomery County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County and Prince William County.
A moderate drought is affecting areas in Frederick County, Carroll County, Baltimore City and County, Harford County, Calvert County, Charles County and Saint Mary’s County.
As a result, the Department of the Environment has activated a drought watch in the area.
“Virtually all real-time groundwater monitoring wells are below normal for this time of year, with a few at their lowest levels for this time of year in the last ten years,” the NWS reports.
The warm, dry weather the area saw in February created an early Spring effect, with trees and flowers budding weeks in advance.
In the past 30 days, precipitation has been “just 25-50 percent of normal in the drought-designated areas, and below normal everywhere but the Cumberland, Maryland area.
The good news is that this could change with several chances for rain – and even snowfall – on March 7, and the weekend of March 11th, respectively, and again on March 14.
All in all, drought conditions will likely carry through in March but, the NWS says, “improvement is possible later in the spring.” Time Period DC Baltimore Dulles —————————————————————— Year-to-Date : 6th driest 12th driest 6th driest Last 3 Months (12/6 – 3/5): 13th driest 14th driest 7th driest Last 6 Months (9/6 – 3/5) : 3rd driest 10th driest 2nd driest Last 12 Months (3/6 – 3/5): 7th driest 13th driest 3rd driest

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