Drought, but why: Normal monsoon doesn’t mean no drought

Environment One-third of India’s districts are chronically drought-hit despite receiving above normal rainfall It is that time of the year when everyone chases India’s chief finance minister — the monsoon.
IMD defines a normal monsoon as when the rainfall is between 96 and 104 per cent of a 50-year average of 89 cm for the June-September season.
About 33 per cent of the country is chronically drought-affected while close to 68 per cent areas are drought prone.
There were only three such droughts during 1901-1950.
There was also an increase in areas hit by moderate droughts.
The government notified 102 districts as chronically affected by drought.
On an average, every third year was a drought year in these areas.
Rainfall pattern Most of India’s drought-prone areas are well endowed with rainfall.
On an average, India receives 1,088 mm of median rainfall a year.
Kerala receives 2,820 mm of rainfall a year.

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