Cal Poly researcher looks back at California’s mega-drought

Drought has long been a part of California’s history.
There is archeologic evidence that shows periods of below-normal rainfall have lasted for more than 50 years in the past.
A Cal Poly professor is looking back at those so-called mega-droughts to see what we might be able to learn about the area’s climate in the future.
He found evidence of a 50-plus year mega-drought in our area 800 years ago that forced a change in the culture of native Central Coast residents.
They responded to the incredibly dry conditions by turning away from land and to the ocean for food.
“The question is are we really prepared for a 50-year drought?” said Jones.
It’s something meteorologists and climatologists have been talking about for years.
What happens when you add climate change on top of California’s history of rainfall variability?
Researchers like Jones are hoping looking at the past will help modern residents better understand what’s coming – whether they believe climate change is happening or not.
“Technology is moving at a pace that gives us great confidence and comfort but at some point, it could be part of our undoing,” said Hovde.

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