Almost Half of NZers Have No Water Emergency Plan

Press Release: Safe H2O
The results of a national water perception survey, organised by Safe H2O, a New Zealand water purification business, have revealed that a staggering number of Kiwis wouldn’t know what to do if they were cut off from a clean water supply.
Forty-six percent have no emergency plans in place at all.
Just over 50% of respondents suspect that they or someone they know has been sick as a result of their drinking water.
“Access to clean, safe water should never be underappreciated.
You only have to look at Havelock North to understand the consequences of drinking water from a contaminated source,” explains Chad.
Whether you live rurally or in a town or city, it only takes a natural disaster or a nasty bug like norovirus to disrupt the entire water supply.” Chad and his team would like to see more Kiwis putting stringent plans in place to protect themselves from emergency situations.
Safe H2O is also encouraging councils to put mobile emergency water filtration systems in place.
“The first response during water supply emergencies needs to be quicker and households need to be better equipped and more informed,” says Chad.
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