Ancaster well battle bubbles over

The war of words over the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s move to limit public access to a popular Ancaster artesian well is boiling over, with hints of legal action against a group of diehard opponents.
It’s not true,” Ferguson said before agreeing to defer any discussion of legal action to a private session later in the meeting.
Save Our Spring is the remnant of an original group of the same name formed to fight the authority’s initial plan to close the well because the water’s arsenic levels are above a new limit of 10 parts per billion that takes effect on Jan. 1.
Save Our Spring member Joanne Turnell, author of the letter that raised Ferguson’s ire, said the councillor is being singled out because he came up with a solution she believes is opposed by an “overwhelming majority” in the community.
Turnell said Save Our Spring believes all that’s needed is a sign warning of the water’s higher arsenic levels.
That’s a view also being put forward by a second group fighting the access restrictions, known as Protect Ancaster Wells.
“If my councillor wants to take me to court for challenging his decisions, then I’m up for that,” Turnell said.
“The fence is illegal.
“It has to be restricted public access and the way we came up with that is fencing and a swipe-card system,” Burnside said.
“People sign a waiver acknowledging they realize the water’s not tested and will exceed arsenic limits come Jan. 1.”

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