Arizona in Brief: Weather service – Drought conditions visible across state

Weather service: Drought conditions visible across state FLAGSTAFF (AP) — Drought conditions have returned to Arizona because of precipitation well below normal since August.
A drought monitor released Thursday by the National Weather Service shows much of extreme northern Arizona and northeastern Arizona in extreme drought and the rest of the state in moderate drought.
Current law exempts the first $2,500 of military pensions from state taxes.
The governor did not spell out in the speech how much he wants that increased.
Capitol Media Services Legislator on Pacific trip missing most of session’s start PHOENIX (AP) — A state representative who is missing most of the beginning of the Arizona Legislature’s annual session says her husband surprised her with a trip to the South Pacific rescheduled on short notice to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and 50th birthdays.
Fish and Wildlife Service say flights will be conducted between Jan. 22 and Feb. 3 near Alpine, Arizona, and Reserve, New Mexico.
The last annual survey indicated there were at least 113 wolves.
EPA settles with company to assess uranium sites CAMERON (AP) — Federal officials have reached a settlement to have eight abandoned uranium mines assessed on the Navajo Nation.
Brnovich says current tuition and mandatory fees at Arizona State University are 315 percent higher than they were in the 2002-03 school year.
That figure is 325 percent for Northern Arizona University and 370 percent for the main campus of the University of Arizona.

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