As High Temperatures Hit the Bay Area, Experts Talk Drought in SF

As High Temps Hit the Bay Area, Experts Talk Drought in SF High temperatures in the Bay Area have had many people skipping work and soaking up the sun.
During the SF Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association event, experts discussed ways to deal with another dry spell.
"That’s not gonna happen tomorrow, but we will be thinking about that in the future as droughts get deeper."
"That’s gross," said Julie Delosreyes.
"I mean, there is nothing you could add to the water to make me feel better about drinking sewer water."
As the climate warms, experts say it will have to change from a snow-based to a rain-based system.
"So more precipitation is falling as rain not as snow, and that leads to quicker runoffs," water expert Adrian Covert said.
"We don’t have the infrastructure to capture the runoff, so we’re losing water."
People flocked to the Santa Cruz Wharf for fresh seafood and kayak rentals, which would usually be closed in February.
Not only are Bay Area residents enjoying the high temperatures, New Yorker Lorraine Olsen says she’s happy to be in warm weather.

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