At Rs 5 per litre, JanaJal’s 300 water ATMs provide safe drinking water to 3 lakh people

According to, over 500 children in India die every day due to lack of safe drinking water.
Parag tells us, “Every installation has a capacity of up to 15,000 litres per day and serves water chilled and at room temperature.
Specifically for water, India lags the US in accessibility and consistency of clean drinking water.” Affordable and safe “One litre of chilled water is priced at Rs 5.
This can be reduced drastically to as low as Re one per litre for dispensing volumes in multiples of 20 litres when it comes to serving communities living in urban slums and residential colonies.” To lower the price of the water further, Janajal has developed a cascading price model wherein users can receive 20 litres of water for Rs 20.
Parag tells us, “We installed five water ATMs in Khora colony in Ghaziabad where 20 litres of water is being made available at just Rs six, thanks to the support we received from Hans Foundation.” The social enterprise remotely monitors all the ATMs using cloud-based IT infrastructure.
Managing operations and growth JanaJal works with local administrative bodies and government agencies such as IRCTC.
Due to the diverse geographical variations of India, water quality changes rapidly across different parts of the country.
Impact JanaJal currently runs over 300 water ATMs that have been installed under various operating models.
The Government of India has identified this need and is making strides to improve the availability of safe drinking water, and we think JanaJal is a small part of the solution possible.
Too many people in India don’t have easy access to affordable and consistently clean and safe water.

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