Austin water utility on track to end boil water notice this weekend

As we head into the weekend Austin Water wants you to know it’s still on track to end the boiled water notice for its customers this weekend.
That part of the nightmare is over.
There’s plenty of bottled water everywhere.
The city’s public distribution of bottled water is now a well-practiced operation.
When it comes to loading entire cases of water into your car these teams have it down.
Esther Treviño appreciates the service.
She says, "I’m coming by and picking it up for my elderly parents and they have some grandchildren that live there.
Austin Mayor Steve Adler today reported, “Seton hospital has a 40-day supply of water right now.
And as far as our public water system, the city says it’s on track to lift the boil water alert sometime late Sunday.
Greg Meszaros, director of Austin Water says, “We’ve refilled the bulk of our storage tanks.

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