Ayo: A Rain Tale Sees Players Racing To Deliver Water Across A Scorching Desert

The journey is perilous, filled with traps, dust storms, and a number of other obstacles, requiring players to react fast and always stay on the move.
Developer Inkline Studio is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and have been working on Ayo: A Rain Tale for PC.
Ghaith Fleifel, the founder of Inkline and lead developer on Ayo, explained what their motivation was behind the title, saying in the press release… “We want Ayo: A Rain Tale to help raise awareness about the daily hardships faced by those who live in the Sub-Saharan region.
Ayo represents every child who courageously takes on the job of fetching water for their family.
It’s a story that must be told, and we’re confident that games – the preeminent interactive media of our time – are the perfect way to do so.” This isn’t just about virtue signaling, though.
I must say that it’s about time some developer finally try utilizing a different kind of visual aesthetic for their game.
Today’s gaming industry has some of the most advanced and diverse tools on the market, but so many games look identical to one another.
The developers obviously wanted a more over-the-top approach to an adventure based on a real-life crisis.
As for Ayo: A Rain Tale, the game is due out for release on PC.
So if you’re interested in this adventure platformer, feel free to check it out.

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