Benzinger: What’s in your drinking water? This website finally lets NY residents know for sure.

Benzinger: What’s in your drinking water?
“What’s in my Water?” allows New York state residents to search the source and quality of their drinking water or view a map of potential threats to drinking water in their area.
By making information about water accessible and easy to understand — something the state and federal governments have neglected — the New York Public Interest Research Group is making it easier for people to ensure their right to clean water is being met.
“NYPIRG set out about a year ago to begin this project because we think that access to clean drinking water is not a privilege, and that access to clear information about water shouldn’t be either,” said Megan Ahearn, a program director at NYPIRG.
And New York state residents are at a disadvantage if they do not have the information required to be active constituents and hold government agencies accountable.
The NYPIRG tool contains data on regulated and unregulated contaminants in water supplies.
Residents need to be aware of where their water comes from.
Andy Mendes | Digital Design Editor According to “What’s in my Water?,” there hasn’t been a violation in Skaneateles Lake since 2009, when coliform levels reached the maximum allowed amount.
People who have impaired immune systems may consider boiling their water before drinking it if microorganisms are present in their water supply.
“What’s in My Water?” can make these big decisions easier.

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