Bluewater Releases Water Quality Survey

Bluewater recently launched the Bluewater Clean Water Movement in an effort to educate consumers on water quality and excess single-use plastics.
In order to support its goals, the company conducted a survey on American bottled water use and consumer trust in water quality.
The survey showed that the majority of Americans (56%) worry their drinking water contains harmful contaminants.
In addition, 60% actively take measures to help control what’s in their drinking water, such as using filtering systems and bottled water.
The survey found nearly 70% of Americans are relying on bottled water in some capacity, with one-third (33%) drinking more than five bottles per week.
The survey also showed that people who drink bottled water for control of their water supply are more worried about contaminants like lead, carcinogens, bacteria, pharmaceutical residue and microplastics compared to the general population.
“The science shows our water supply contains nasty carcinogens like lead and plastic.
Americans are aware of this, and taking action to control their daily intake, but it’s largely the wrong solution,” said Bengt Rittri, founder of Bluewater.
“Our culture has normalized the use of single-use plastic bottled water for much of our water intake, while creating a massive waste stream that further pollutes the compromised water supply.” The company has launched several initiatives to help reduce bottled water consumption including expanding its water filtration product line in the U.S.

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