Boil-water advisory issued for Central Kitsap water system

CENTRAL KITSAP — A boil-water advisory will be in effect for at least a week for residents of a neighborhood near Wildcat Lake after tests showed E. coli bacteria in the drinking water system.
Kitsap Public Utility District notified about 32 Green Mountain Acres water customers of the contamination Thursday.
"Hopefully we can find something when we get out and inspect the system today," he said.
In the meantime, customers have been advised to boil drinking water for 1 minute to kill any bacteria or use bottled water.
The presence of fecal coliform bacteria, including E. coli, is a sign of contamination from human or animal waste.
Risk of illness from E. coli varies greatly depending on the strain of bacteria — most E. coli strains are harmless, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Young children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are most at risk of becoming sick from E. coli.
The state Department of Health, which regulates the Class A water system, and Kitsap Public Health District will assist in examining the system for potential sources of contamination.
Cracked pipes, faulty well cap seals and rodent infestations are among the common culprits.
The Green Mountain Acres water system was transferred to the utility district in 2014 after the previous operator violated state health regulations.

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