Boil water alert in Livonia through Tuesday

Boil water alert in Livonia through Tuesday.
Residents and businesses in Livonia are under a boil water alert until at least Tuesday, according to authorities.
“A drop in pressure in the Livonia water supply,” resulted in a boil-water alert for residents.
"Due to a DTE power issue on June 10th, a single water pumping station lost power and that resulted in a localized loss of water pressure," the statement said.
The advisory was issued due to an "abundance of caution" meant to keep consumers safe from the possibility of contaminated water.
Water samples were being taken throughout the city to confirm that no bacteria have contaminated the water, the city said.
Until consumers hear otherwise, they should continue to boil water.
For the 14,500 or so students attending Livonia Public Schools, the boil water alert means a pizza lunch and that no one can use water fountains, which are turned off and covered, according to a statement on the school district’s website.
People using water in Livonia are being urged to bring water to a boil for one minute and let it cool, or to use bottled water.
“Boiled or bottled water” are recommended “for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food prep,” the statement said.

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