Bone-dry Grahamstown gets the gift of water

Cape Town – Makhanda (Grahamstown) is in serious trouble in terms of its water resources, according to humanitarian organisation Gift of the Givers.
Gift of the Givers says Settlers Dam, which supplies Makhanda, is at 13%.
Waainek Water Treatment Works, which receives water from the smaller Howiesons Poort Dam, had a problem with its pumping capacity due to electrical failure recently and was out of service for a few days.
“However, with rapidly dropping water levels in HP Dam, the Waainek Water Works will essentially shut down.
It supplies the west of the town with eight megalitres per day.
"The only feasible option is the James Kleynhans Water Works, which is also currently compromised.
Dr Gideon Groenewald, Gift of the Givers’ specialist hydrologist and geologist, will engage the municipality to ascertain what sustainable alternatives can be found in the immediate to medium term as work continues to double the capacity of the James Kleynhans Water Works to 20 megalitres by 2020.
Currently, it provides 10 megalitres per day.
“Gift of the Givers will assist as best it can.
Intervention in the drought through boreholes, bottled water, animal fodder and food parcels for retrenched farmworkers has already cost us R160 million,” Sooliman said.

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