Bottled water donated during Reno wildfires headed to Texas

Bottled water donated during Reno wildfires headed to Texas.
The Reno County Sheriff’s Department has decided to pay forward the generosity of Reno County residents in helping with Texas hurricane relief.
“Earlier this summer Reno County of Kansas was hit by wildfires, and the community responded by making many helpful donations,” the department advised in a Facebook post.
“After the fires were quenched and the area was restored the community found itself with a surplus of leftover water.
With the recent devastation in the Houston area it became clear that this would be the best place for the Reno County community to donate the surplus water.” Officials estimated the value of the donated bottled water at nearly $,1500.
Mid America Point of Sale, a Hutchinson-based McDonald’s Point of Sale distributor and servicer, has worked in conjunction with the Sheriff Department, Senator Jerry Moran’s office and the Student Veterans Organization of Wichita State University to deliver the water to a drop off point in Wichita, to be deliver to Texas for Hurricane Harvey victims and volunteers.

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