Bottled water has New Zealanders up in arms

That’s the odd question that popped into my mind when I read about a controversy in New Zealand.
The Kiwis I met were all happy to tell me their country is beautiful because the environment and sustainability are a priority for both the people and the government.
Does the water cycle waste water?
This is part of a quote from Bruce Lisbet, managing director for Alpine Pure: We’ve had a lot of interest in this proposal from overseas companies, and a couple of times we’ve started chilling the champagne.
Pristine water has been falling on the Southern Alps for a million years, and it would usually be wasted by flowing directly out to sea.
His statement got me wondering: how exactly is rain water that flows out to sea wasted?
It’s part of the water cycle, and it’s an integral part of the earth’s natural rhythm.
Bottled water consumption is on the rise This particular fight is happening in New Zealand, but this is an issue for all of us.
Here in the U.S. last year, bottled water consumption overtook soda consumption for the first time ever, according to CBS News.
Those who live in Flint, Michigan, for instance, have a good reason to choose bottled water.

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