Bottled water: Is it all the same?

Bottled water: Is it all the same?.
“People never tend to read water composition since we all know the importance of water and that a person can live 40 days without eating but never without drinking,” she said.
Each element in different brands of bottled water is important for the body, she adds.
According to Nadine, even though sodium in drinking water contributes only a small fraction of a person’s overall sodium intake, it is highly recommended to drink water low in sodium content.
“It is for nutrition’s best sake to choose water rich in calcium and magnesium but low in sodium.
Since our diet is very high in salt, it is recommended to drink water with sodium content lower than 20 mg/L.
Gulf News looked at the composition of six different brands of bottled waters sold in the UAE and found that each contained a certain level of sodium.
Most of them had sodium that was less 20mg/L.
Nadine recommended such volumes for those who want to reduce their sodium intakes.
Excess sodium consumption from eating a meal high in salt can increase the body’s water content which can show up on the scale, but the body sheds the excess over the next day or so as the sodium is excreted.

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