Bridging shortfall: Energy sector should get priority in resource allocation

Bridging shortfall: Energy sector should get priority in resource allocation.
The investment in the power sector in the shape of foreign direct investment (FDI), private participation investment and projects under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) along with the budget allocated for water and power does not bring any significant change in the energy shortfall facing the country.
According to the Ministry of Water and Power, the circular debt has risen back to Rs401 billion.
The BISP was launched in October 2008 to help the poorest families to cushion the negative effects of rising prices of food and fuel.
Similarly, cash transfers were increased to Rs115 billion in FY17 from Rs102 billion in FY16 and target beneficiaries rose to 5.42 million till March 2017 from 5.29 million in FY16.
Pakistan has an acute energy shortfall and there is a need to invest more in this sector to bridge the gap.
Pakistan should focus on power generation and allocate more resources for these projects.
The government needs to re-think the priorities.
If the government increases funding for the energy sector, then in the long run spending on other programmes will come down as people will be self-sustaining and their productivity will increase.
The government is under-utilising the allocation for the energy sector, which can be called inefficiency.

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