Brisbane water outage: Public servants sent home

A WIDESPREAD water outage in the Brisbane CBD has sent public service staffers home after water supply issues affected toilets, air-conditioners and drinking water.

by Madura McCormack, originally posted on November 28, 2016


The Department of Transport and Main Roads said staff from offices in 85 George St and 61 Mary St have been evacuated.

Water supply issues have affected toilets, air-conditioners and drinking water at 85 George Street and 61 Mary Street in Brisbane’s CBD.

“In the interests of health and safety, staff have been evacuated from buildings at these locations until services can be reinstated,” a DTMR spokeswoman said.

It is understood alternative work arrangements have been enacted.

A least 50 properties were without water in the Brisbane CBD and Spring Hill areas this afternoon after the outage.

Queensland Urban Utilities said the cause of the outage is still being investigated but water supply has been restored.

Water pressure has started to return to normal in the Brisbane CBD, according to Urban Utilities.

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