Brownsville In Minor Drought Residents Encouraged To Conserve Water Usage

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Brownsville is in a minor drought.
“There’s no actual restrictions on any of our customers more than anything we want people to be aware of their water use and to start trying to make steps take measures to reduce that footprint and conserve some water,” Ryan Greenfeld, Public Relations for Brownsville PUB told News Center 23.
Brownsville PUB implements a voluntary water restriction every year effective on May 1st.
The water restriction is part of a drought plan.
“We want to take every step possible to make sure we can supply everyone with adequate and reliable service during the months to come,” said BPUB General Manager and CEO John S. Bruciak in a press release.
Including watering the lawn only twice a week from 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. through midnight.
It is also recommended to use a hand-held garden hose, soaker hose, hand-held bucket or water can, and hose-end sprinkler.
Using water for non-essential purposes such as washing paved areas or other hard-surfaced areas is discouraged.
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