BUCHI Scrubber sponsors water charity

08.05.2017 — Since April 2016, the BUCHI Scrubber K-415 has been a water sponsor for Helvetas (www.helvetas.ch).
What that means is that for every Scrubber sold, BUCHI donates 50 Swiss francs to water supply projects so that more and more people can have access to clean water.
Helvetas is a development organisation founded in 1995.
The opportunity for education and an independent income improves the situation of families so that they are able to take control of their own lives.
Their children then have the chance to have an education, earn their own money and take control of their own lives.
Education Because the children no longer become ill, they can go to school regularly – the essential requirement for an independent life.
What does the Scrubber have to do with it?
The Scrubber saves life-sustaining drinking water.
However, the Scrubber offers a number of advantages over the Water jet pump: The Scrubber reduces water consumption by more than 300 litres per hour It completely separates off the fumes and neutralises them It only runs when needed because the Scrubber is fully controlled via the digester The Scrubber contributes in two ways – it saves essential water in every laboratory and so plays a part in the principle of careful and responsible use of life-sustaining resources.
And secondly, for every Scrubber sold 50 Swiss francs are donated to Helvetas.

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