Buckeyes and Wolverines team up to help Michigan’s water woes

DETROIT, Mich. — He once delivered key plays for the Buckeyes.
Tuesday, Donnie Ray Evege delivered something else, and he teamed up with Michigan Wolverine friends and former rivals to do it.
Evege is now the owner and CEO of OH2O, a bottled water company that has the mottoe Offering Hydration To Others".
Evege said he recently learned Detroit, Michigan has a water problem.
It’s one that has forced Mumford High School students to drink bottled water, because the tap water contains lead and copper and isn’t safe to drink.
Evege put aside the rivalry and enlisted the help of former Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner.
Together they donated 150 cases of water to the school, for a total of 1800 one liter bottles.
"Tradition is impeccable.
But when you look at Americans- when there’s a need and there’s a crisis, we need to come together."
"For a guy who is an Ohio State guy to want to come and help his rival, his fiercest rival, the biggest rivalry in sports to come to help a situation that shouldn’t exist, but it does, is amazing," said former Michigan Quarterback Devin Gardner.

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