Budget Buster: Buying bottled water is for brainless buffoons

Budget Buster: Buying bottled water is for brainless buffoons.
All I knew was it came from the tap any time I wanted it in a refreshing and never-ending stream.
The developing world is crying out for a safe and affordable water supply.
Tap water in Auckland is 0.14c a litre, which is about 2300 times cheaper.
In 2015, fizzy drinks were bumped off their throne as the world’s top-selling beverage.
While pretentious types love their $11 imported French H2O, numerous blind tests have found consumers can’t tell the difference, and sometimes even prefer tap water.
We’ve established that tap water is just as safe, just as tasty, and about a zillion times cheaper than the bottled stuff, but there’s another factor which makes it an absolute slam-dunk.
That’s how much energy is consumed by manufacturing the plastic, packaging, transport, and everything else.
If you stop buying a weekly bottle of water, you’ll save $150 in the first year alone.
In a country like New Zealand, we’re incredibly blessed to have clean water – it’s time to stop taking it for granted.

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