Burglary suspect caught with bottled water

Burglary suspect caught with bottled water.
It’s easy.
36-year-old, Stephen Weeks was spotted walking in and out of the front yards of at least two people’s homes.
In his hands, a bottle of Smart Water, they say he stole from a home he hit on Eason Street.
Well you feel violated when it happens and you install those hoping that you can help catch the bad guy if it does happen again.
When he caught someone on camera breaking into his home, police got a closer look.
They believe the person in the video is the same one they already arrested.
Residents know not to keep quiet when they see something suspicious.
Frith, once a victim, helped police protect even more people from someone who’s done this before.
"It felt good knowing that hopefully i played a part in keeping him in jail a little bit longer," Frith said.

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