California and National Drought Summary for March 7, 2017

California and National Drought Summary for March 7, 2017 Summary March 9, 2017 – Active weather across the Midwest during the beginning and end of the current period brought rain and severe storms over the region.
The driest areas of the Southeast did pick up some precipitation, but most areas were normal to slightly below normal for the week.
The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic The impact of the recent precipitation over the last several weeks allowed for the extreme drought conditions to be removed from Connecticut this week.
Long-term conditions are still very dry, but the region has seen a response from the impact of melting snow and rain, which allowed for the improvements to be made.
Over northern Alabama, severe drought conditions were improved to moderate drought as 2-3 inches of rain centered over Morgan County at the end of the week allowed for improvements.
With the recent rains, abnormally dry conditions were removed over much of Indiana and portions of eastern Illinois and northern Kentucky.
South Rains over southern Texas allowed for improvements to moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions.
West Cooler than normal conditions dominated the West, with precipitation over the coastal regions and into the Southwest.
Several improvements were made this week in response to not only recent precipitation but also precipitation over the last several months.
Author(s): Brian Fuchs, National Drought Mitigation Center Dryness Categories D0 … Abnormally Dry … used for areas showing dryness but not yet in drought, or for areas recovering from drought.

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