California drought lifted by governor

Governor Jerry Brown announced today that the California drought is over and lifted the executive order throughout the state except in four counties.
Monster storms this winter erased nearly all signs of drought, blanketing the Sierra Nevada with deep snow, California’s key water source, and boosted reservoirs.
“The new executive order keeps in place monthly water reporting from local agencies and prohibition of excess water waste,” he said.
“With the governor’s plan going forward, wasting water will be enforced perpetually to make sure our water is being used properly.” As California’s population grows, the most efficient way to stretch and ensure water is to conserve, Kostyrko said.
As for the city of Folsom, Marcus Yasutake, director of the environmental and water resources department, said the city is in the same boat it was last May.
Last May, City Manager Evert Palmer required Folsom residents to conserve their water usage by 10 percent and Yasutake said the city will continue to keep this requirement in place.
The four counties still under the emergency executive order are the counties of Fresno , Kings, Tulare and Tuolumne.
These four counties have emergency drinking water projects that will continue to help boost diminished groundwater supplies.
“This could mean the ground water dried up or was contaminated.
They will continue to receive tanks and bottles water for drinking.” For more information on the new executive order, go to

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