Canadian Bottled Water Association Flatly Rejects Wynne Government’s Massive Fee Increase For Water Taking Permits

"Yesterday’s massive fee increase for water bottling companies that take groundwater runs counter to what’s really needed to protect and conserve water for future generations," says Elizabeth Griswold, Executive Director of the Canadian Bottled Water Association.
"The entire bottled water industry in Ontario represents only 0.2 per cent of all water takers in the province.
To properly sustain the resource, everybody has to be involved."
The government is limited by law to charging only what covers the costs associated with administering water management programs.
Yesterday’s announcement represents a 13,500 per cent increase from the existing fee which has been in place since 2009 and comes at a time when the Ontario government is searching for ways to not only attract businesses to the province but also make life more affordable for Ontarians, not more expensive.
"Right now, over 70 per cent of Ontario households consume bottled water," says Griswold.
"This decision by the government not only puts Ontario jobs at risk, but it also means consumers will likely start paying more for a healthy hydration product where demand is clearly growing."
About CBWA The Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) was founded in 1992 to represent the Canadian bottled water industry and to ensure a high standard of quality for bottled water.
CBWA is the trade association for the bottled water industry in Canada.
Media Contact: Canadian Bottled Water Association Elizabeth Griswold Executive Director Cell: 416-618-1763 Ice River Springs Sandy Gott Co-owner Cell: 705-446-8135

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