Canton digs into water outage crisis

CANTON — A recent outage that left 40 households without water for five days in Canton and left the town of Clyde in a perilous situation, drew questions from residents about restricting water use at the town’s largest industry, Evergreen Packaging.
At Thursday’s town board meeting, those who spoke were sympathetic of the circumstances that led to the water supply problem, but still indicated being without water for so long was more than an inconvenience.
“It’s been a nightmare outage,” said Mike Hyde.
“Thanksgiving of 2016 went past an inconvenience.
This was a hardship.
It was worse on people with health problems.” Marcanne LaFrance, who lives on Hy Vu Drive, said she was actually relieved to learn it was a town water problem rather than frozen pipes or another issue in her home.
Town Manager Jason Burrell said the town was in contact with Evergreen officials throughout the shortage.
While the plant typically uses 1.1 million gallons a day, during the cold spell that caused pipes to break and spigots to remain running, the mill’s usage increased by up to 400,000 gallons a day.
The reservoir reached 2 feet about 2 a.m. Wednesday, Hodge explained after the meeting, but it took time to prime the pumps and get them started.
Also, there were other leaks across town crews had to attend to first, which partly ensured the level wouldn’t drop again.

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