Cape Town Outlines Plans for Emergency Water Distribution

Residents will be allowed 25 liters (6.6 gallons) per person per day at 200 collection points.
When reservoirs fall to a certain level, city leaders will do what was, until recently, unthinkable: cut water service and set up 200 distribution points around the city where residents can collect 25 liters (6.6 gallons) per person per day.
“With the drastic reduction in consumption that will be seen once taps are turned off and collection points are activated, the last reserves are expected to stretch far enough to see us through to the rainy season,” the plan states.
One hundred forty-nine of the 200 sites have been confirmed, and city officials say they will publish maps in the coming weeks with locations.
How will elderly or disabled people get access?
Water will be shut off to most homes and businesses when water stored in the city’s six main reservoirs drops below 13.5 percent of capacity, the day known as Day Zero.
“It is avoidable if we just do the little each one of us is expected to do.” Mokonyane also pointed out that many Cape Town residents are still using more water than the official target of 87 liters (23 gallons) per day.
Households in Cape Town that consistently use more water than the target can be forced to use less.
According to local news reports, Cape Town is installing some 2,000 devices per week that restrict the flow of water into a home.
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