Central Heights school disrtrict deals with water issues

Drinking water is supposed to be clear, but the Central Heights school district’s water supply inside its school, 2521 Ellis Road, has a blue tint to it, which alerted officials last week to a possible problem.
Brian Spencer, Central Heights superintendent, said they discovered copper levels were too high, which led to school being canceled for three days last week.
“We will provide bottled water for drinking and consumption,” Spencer posted on the Central Heights school district’s Facebook page.
“Copper is on the list of secondary drinking water contaminants.
The superintendent said the problem lies within the school building as the water from the rural water district has been tested and the copper levels were within the guidelines.
He said the water will continue to be tested after the system is flushed.
“We are working diligently with several agencies and experts,” he posted on the Facebook page.
We have taken action to mitigate the copper levels in the water.
“It has been frustrating.” Spencer said Monday morning KDHE officials were working diligently to find the cause of the problem and to provide information to get it fixed.
“We will continue to flush the system and search for the source of the elevated copper levels,” he said.

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