Chemours to check for GenX in area water wells

GenX is produced at a Chemours facility at Fayetteville, N.C., where over the past few years the chemical has been identified by EPA and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality in the Cape Fear River, several water supplies downstream from that facility and in groundwater wells at and around the Fayetteville facility, said a letter from Kate McManus, acting director of the EPA Water Protection Division, dated Jan. 11 to Andrew Harten, principal project manager-corporate remediation for Chemours.
“EPA is concerned that drinking water wells in the vicinity of the Washington Works facility may similarly be contaminated by GenX,” the letter said.
“This concern is based in part upon the fact that GenX has been detected in three on-site production wells and one on-site drinking water well, at the Washington Works facility.” C8, also known as PFOA, was once used to make Teflon at the Washington Works until it was replaced with GenX, which is of the same family of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances called PFAS.
A science panel studying the health data of 70,000 residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley found a possible link between C8 and six diseases in humans.
“In addition, Chemours plans to sample four public drinking water systems and 10 private water wells at residences in the vicinity of the facility,” the statement said.
“The notification letters with access permission requests for sampling will be sent to homeowners and municipalities this month.” The EPA is requesting Chemours sample a select group of public and private drinking water supplies for GenX in the vicinity of the Washington Works.
The water supplies were chosen by EPA based upon historically high concentrations of PFOA and it is “likely that these same wells would be impacted by GenX based upon the common methods of dispersal,” the letter said.
“Each of the selected water supplies is currently being treated with granulated activated carbon for PFOA removal,” the letter said.
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