City considering beginning stage one of drought protocol

Despite the fact we’ve had a normal amount of rainfall this year, the Amarillo city government is considering starting stage one of our drought contingency plan.
Currently, Amarillo can produce approximately 100 million gallons of water per day.
On June 14, we consumed a 92.6 million gallons of water.
"There’s no reason to panic, we still have water but there is a production limit of 100 million gallons a day," said Jonathan Gresham the Assistant Director of Utilities.
This is largely due to outdoor watering for grass, gardens, and landscaping.
If we consume above 80% of the city’s production limit for five consecutive days, the Utilities Department will recommend going to stage two in the drought plan.
Set your sprinkler system to water between sundown and 10:00 AM.
Check your system once a month to ensure there are no leaks or misguided sprinkler heads.
Turn off shower while soaping.
Switch to low water consumption appliances.

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