City of Anniston removes trees affected by drought

City of Anniston removes trees affected by drought.
But the city’s arborist, Danny Bussey, certainly takes notice.
"A lot of the trees we’re working on are hundred year old trees or better," Bussey said.
"So they are reaching the end of their term."
Despite old age, another factor has Bussey taking a second look at some of these trees.
"With last year’s drought it has affected a lot of the trees, mostly the older trees here in town," he said.
In response, the city is working on tree removal…evaluating them to determine if they are safe or not.
"We like to keep the trees as long as we can, but at the same time it’s more important that we keep our residents safe rather than keep the trees here," Bussey said.
"We’ve had some to come down… just this past week there were several," he said.
Bussey said it will take at least through the summer to get the city to a safe point.

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