City to consider bottled water sale ban at events, facilities

City to consider bottled water sale ban at events, facilities.
The City of Saskatoon could be going blue.
A city council committee voted Monday to explore the implications of becoming a “blue community” by declaring drinking water a human right and banning the sale of bottled water at city events and facilities.
Gail Stevens, representing the Saskatoon chapter of the Council of Canadians, appeared before the environment, utilities and corporate services committee to make the request.
Stevens said she wants the city to develop its own policy rather than just adopt the proposals she presented.
In addition to committing to the principle that safe drinking water qualifies as a human right, the blue community concept also entails committing to publicly financed, operated and owned water and waste water services.
Stevens noted the initiative would involve some costs, such as installing and maintaining water fountains in public places.
Darren Hill voted against further exploring the idea after expressing concern about the public financing commitment.
Hill said every project should be evaluated based on its own merits.

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