Climate change: Auckland to get hotter with upped flooding, superstorm and drought risks

The next 100 years could see Auckland’s average temperature increase by 3.75C along with an increase in floods, superstorms, coastal erosion and wildfires.
A Niwa report released today revealed the Auckland region’s climate will get hotter and the weather more volatile over the next 100 years.
Average temperatures would also increase by up to 3.75C by 2110.
At a presentation of the report this afternoon, Niwa’s chief scientist for climate, Sam Dean said while this wouldn’t equate to extreme changes to our climate, it would require us to change aspects of our lifestyles and design of the city.
And that presents challenges for infrastructure in responding to that," he said.
Auckland Council’s Head of Strategy and Planning at Auckland Emergency Management Craig Glover said climate change would impact us all in some way, shape or form.
The list goes on and on."
It looks at the impact climate change would have on different environments and sectors within the Auckland Region in terms of water quality and soil changes as well as on our coastal communities and biodiversity through sea-level rises and increased sea surface temperatures.
A "mid-range scenario" looked at what would happen if emissions were to stabilise, while a "business-as-usual scenario"saw emissions continue unabated.
Chief engineer Sarah Sinclair said the key thing was acting now to mitigate changes as they happened.

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