Commentary: Water wells are safe

Wells have been around for over 8,000 years.
Water wells are constructed to Minnesota Department of Health’s extensive code and provide a safe and affordable drinking water source.
Their reasoning is because they want to protect the city aquifer from a new well contaminating it.
Out of 118,000 wells drilled in the last 10 years in Minnesota, not one has been documented to have caused contamination to any aquifer.
This is coming from the MDH, DNR and MPCA.
Also, according to MDH, there are over 73,000 wells in various cities in Minnesota, and there has not been one documented case of contamination due to these wells.
Minnesota has been a riparian rights state for over 100 years.
There are also the cost savings to irrigating your lawn.
An average household to irrigate their lawn costs roughly $600-$700 a year on city water.
Pumping the same amount of water out of a private well will cost about $48 yearly in power.

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