Company sues Seven-Up over contaminated bottled water

The company claimed that Seven Up supplied contaminated Aquafina Table Water to its officials.
The plaintiff is now seeking an order compelling the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) to release on oath, the report of Laboratory analysis on Aquafina Table Water, via its Notice of Complaint.
The applicant in an affidavit sworn to by its Managing Director, Ibrahim Yaro, alleged that sometime between November and December 2015, his company purchased Aquafina Table Water from Gjonny Enterprises, an accredited distributor of Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc.
The company said that it was shocked when informed by the owners of the Vessel M.T.
Marina that the Aquafina Table Water was contaminated.
The applicants thereafter, lodged a complaint to the Director of NAFDAC in Apapa, and officials of NAFDAC investigation and Enforcement directorate, recovered from the applicants company 22 packs of 150cl Aquafina Table Water.
He said that after laboratory analysis by NAFDAC, the representatives of the manufacturer were informed that the result certificate of the analysis would be ready within one month of the sample taken.
Marina which had over six vessels working in Nigeria.
He said that they were accused of negligence and collusion in the entire saga.
Yaro averred further that following the situation, his good business name, image and reputation that have been built over 8 years were greatly damaged.

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