Cool, clear water request impresses

Cool, clear water request impresses.
A man thirsty for filtered water drinking fountains in the main street of Lawrence has been told he put forward one of the most concise proposals seen by the local community board.
At a Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board meeting on Wednesday, Waihola resident Tim Dickie asked the board to consider installing filtered water fountains in the main street, Ross Pl, so tourists and residents had access to clean, free water.
“While working in the main street on a hot day, my workmate and I were both seeking water.”
Once they realised the only options were to buy a bottle from a store or ask a local business, Mr Dickie concluded the main street needed a drinking fountain.
He suggests the fountain should include a tap for filling up drink bottles and dog water bowls.
Mr Dickie added “locals of all ages” could have access to free filtered drinking water at any time of the day.
Mr Dickie researched several designs for the fountain, including some which tapped into the history of Lawrence.
Depending on the design chosen, it could cost anywhere between $2000 to $5000.
The board decided to ask the council to provide a feasibility report on installing a fountain in Ross Pl.

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