Corpus Christi, other cities affected by water discontinuation

originally posted on December 15, 2016


CORPUS CHRISTI – The City of Corpus Christi has issued a “Discontinue Tap Water” notification.Due to an unknown chemical substance contaminating the drinking water in the city, officials are urging residents to discontinue use of all tap water supplies until further notice.

City officials say, the case can be traced to a recent backflow incident in the industrial district. Only bottled water should be used for all drinking, beverage, and food preparation. Boiling, freezing, filtering, adding chlorine, or other disinfectants or letting the water stand will not make the water safe to drink.

Cities that are NOT affected by the contamination: Sinton, Ingleside, Gregory, St Paul, San Patricio, Taft, Lakeside, Mathis, Odem, Lake City, Port Aransas, Robstown, and Portland.

The South Texas Water Authorities called in around 6:30 a.m. to inform that public that these cities will NOT be affected: Banquete, Agua Dulce, Bishop, Kingsville, Driscoll, Nueces Subdivisions, and Ricardo Water Supply.

As of 3:30 a.m. Aransas County water officials have informed that have not been notified about the status of their water. We will receive more information by  8 a.m.

This morning and throughout the day, reporters will be out in the city getting answers to make sure you have as much information as possible. City Council Member Joe McComb will join us live in.

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