Council members, faith and labor leaders rally against rising water rates

Protesters rallied outside City Hall Monday to decry Baltimore’s third water rate increase in two years.
A typical home paying $84 a month will now pay $92.
Mark James said he nearly lost his Northeast Baltimore church over a water bill.
The $6,000 bill sent his congregation into a protracted legal battle.
City officials say they have no choice but to raise the rates.
Rates increased an average of 13.9 percent, up from an 8.4 percent increase last year.
The county has raised water and sewer rates for the past three years.
Raymond said the city’s public works department does not have any proposals in place for future rate adjustments for Baltimore customers.
“And yet with all of this chaos and confusion we are, again, raising the rates,” Cohen said.
The city sent the church to the tax sale in 2015.

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