Crystal-New Hope-Robbinsdale Rotary Club helps Nicaraguans access clean drinking water

In July, the Sun Post reported on Future Roots, a nonprofit started by Robbinsdale residents Jaime Belden and Elizabeth Dahl to provide education and training opportunities in impoverished Nicaraguan communities.
The two women have received support from all over their home communities for their efforts abroad, including from local service clubs, which have donated time and supplies.
Now, the Crystal-New Hope-Robbinsdale Rotary Club that has long been an ally of their cause has taken its own initiative to help people in need by distributing water filters in areas of Nicaragua where people lack clean drinking water.
The distribution project had been underway for about a year, and ended in October, with 304 filters provided to households and families in the municipalities of Diriomo, El Tunel and El Coyolar.
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