Dais enters desalination market

Dais enters desalination market.
DLYT), a commercial nanotechnology materials company selling its Aqualyte™ membrane nanomaterial with engineered processes for use addressing needs in the worldwide air, energy and water markets, today announced it has received an order for delivery of its first NanoClear™ product targeted to be used in for the growing market for the estimated 88.6 million cubic meter/day desalination market of water.
According to www.gwi.com, 2016 is was the third consecutive year that the international desalination market has seen year-on-year growth.
The desalination project is one of three projects that Aquabaero is undertaking with NanoClear systems.
The other two systems will be used in projects that focus on NanoClear’s proven ability to clean industrial wastewater.
"Dais’s entrance into the desalination market is the result of 3 years of research into how to optimize our NanoClear system for the desalination process," says Tim Tangredi, CEO and President of Dais.
"We believe NanoClear’s ability to use waste heat to generate potable water that is 1,000 times cleaner than global standards require and our ability to handle wastewater concentrated up to 3X 3 times the normal limit of a reverse osmosis system uniquely positions the Company to establish higher performance standards for desalination projects," continued Tangredi.
"The market for desalination is diverse and there are specific applications where NanoClear is particularly suited," said Brian Johnson, Chief Technology Officer for Dais.
To find out more about Dais, visit www.daisanalytic.com.
Aquabaero offers an extensive and complete range of services, including consultancy, design, project management, supply and installation of equipment, implementing many different types of biochemical and mechanical processes as part of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions.

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