Darrel DeFrance snaps Deery Bros win drought at Quad City Speedway

Darrel DeFrance snaps Deery Bros win drought at Quad City Speedway.
Sunday night at the bullring that is QCS, DeFrance broke a Summer Series winless streak that dated back to 2013 at Dubuque Speedway, and the cheer he got in Victory Lane made the veteran racer emotional.
They like to see us old guys do good.
“I saw (Sobbing) once (in Turns 1 and 2) and on the white flag lap, I knew he was there.
Good finish for the fans — not so much for me, but for the fans.” DeFrance won ahead of Sobbing, Hurst, Rob Toland and Ray Guss Jr. — out of retirement — and took the $2,000 winner’s check back to his old yellow hauler that’s seen at every Summer Series show, too.
I’m glad to finish.
I’m just glad to be here in tech.” The last few seasons have been a trying time for DeFrance.
He wasn’t near as competitive as he had been in the past, and struggled to make many main events at Summer Series races.
DeFrance joked Sunday night that “as long as I’ve raced, I’ve quit 100 times (in my head) and I was always back the next week.” Persevering throughout the years despite frustrations that would push anyone to consider calling it quits, DeFrance got to enjoy the fruits of sticking with it.
“We’ve ended this drought; it took a while, and I hope it doesn’t take as long for the next one,” DeFrance said.

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